How to Get Free Website for My Online Business – Part 1

There are tons of website which are offering to Get Free Website like Wix, Weebly and many more others, but all of them have their own website builder with some limitations and other restrictions of using eCommerce, limited pages, etc.

How To Order Free Web Hosting

HostChacho is Offering you Free Website for your Online Business with a very unique concept, In which you have no any kind of limitation on features and the with the help of Worlds most user-friendly Content Management System WordPress you can build your Website with Free Web Hosting, You just simply Go to hostchacho.com and Order Buziness Starter Plan and Select Sub Domain Options, Enter your desired web address like YourBrand.Buziness.pk , or YourBrand.Buziness.online , you can avail options for these subdomains for Free so you can install WordPress and WooCommerce with the help of DirectAdmin Panel, Once your Order is Completed you will receive the Control Panel Login details, for further Process, Please Follow Step by Step To Get your Free Web Hosting and Get Free Website.

Step 1 :

Open the Website hostchacho.com on top you will the  button for Buziness Plan or Visit this Buziness Starter Plan

Step 2 : 

Now Select “Use a Subdomain from Host Chacho”  

Step 3 : 

Enter Your Desired Brand Name and if it’s available then you can simply move to next step
you can also choose multiple subdomain options from the right side of the form.

like  yourBrand.buziness.pk , yourBrand.business.online , yourBrand.buziness.store etc. 

Step 4 : 

Now Click on Continue  

Note: Don’t worry about the payment shown Rs.149 it will be waived off once your account approved, and Free account also limited to no. of  Businesses who can avail of this opportunity. First come first serve.
For more details contact us at support@hostchacho.com
or Call or WhatsApp us at +923055646624 

Step 5 : 

Now Enter your Details for account Signup Name, Email, and other info needed in the form or Select the Gmail Signup Option to go for one step also mark the terms and conditions accepted.


Now the final step is your Order is now in our process you will receive an email after completing your order process,
so you can now just contact us on WhatsApp (
it must be the same number you fill in the form ) and tell us your Order No. We will review it and Approve it for further you get all your details in your email only and now you can start a Free Online Business Website.

In the next part, we will train you to make your Free Website on our Buziness Starter Plan with the help of WordPress, and also we will train you on how to start your online store with WooCommerce with easy steps.

How to install WordPress on Free Web Hosting

After you get your control panel login details, you just have to log in and install WordPress with the help of Softaculas 1-Click Installer, if you don’t know how to install or how to use WordPress search on google or check our next part of this articles in which we will discuss installing WordPress from the control panel.



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